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Invest in Physical Gold, Stored Outside the Banking System, So That Your Stock Is Totally Secured.
"Gold is Gold"
Since 2008, the economical and financial crisis resulted in inflationary monetary policies that destroy the purchasing power of all currencies. At the end of 2019, the rate of return for an investment in gold was approximately 235.75 percent. That means that a one U.S. dollar investment made at the end of 2018 would have been worth 235.75 U.S. dollars at the end of 2019 !
Smart Investment
Hedge against the coming hyperinflation, and therefore the collapse of the financial system. Increasing demand. 
Store of value.

Owning physical gold is THE solution
The end of the current cycle is textbook. Bubbles everywhere, critical problems in the global economy ... plus a pandemic (Coronavirus) that has been paralyzing the whole world.
Next come pressures in the currency system as all currencies are debased. They will all reach their intrinsic value of zero (due to the useless FED money printing) !
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